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Incorporate world-class genetic counseling into your health organization

With DNAFeed, you can turn genetic counseling into a differentiator. Deliver an experience that will delight your patients, help you provide better overall care, and ultimately increase your business.

Genetic counseling included with every test

Our AI-powered & cost-effective genetic-counseling solutions allows labs to incorporate free genetic counseling services with their genetic tests.* Patients and providers receive access to a genetic counselor or pharmacist via a chatline for up to 30 days, when ordering tests through one of our partner labs.

*Free with most insurance providers.

Independent genetic counselors and pharmacists are available for pre-test counseling, test requisitioning, and post-test counseling & support services in the following areas:

Cancer Genetics


Cardiac Genetics


Direct-to-consumer Genetics

Reproductive Genetics

Adult and Pediatric Genetics

Whole Genome & Exome Sequencing

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Laura Eppelmann, MS, LCGC

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